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So... Since 1st January 2015 the following items have been available on prescription:

Press release AIOM Foundation - Silk Fibroin at the conference Let's defend the skin

At a recent meeting of the Italian Association of Oncological Medicine held in Rome delegates considered in some detail the effects that some of the more modern #cancer treatments have on the skin, the psychological effects that these #skin problems can have on the patients and the way in which DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing has been shown to help.
 Inflammation, dryness, fissures, folliculitis, nail damage are just a few of side effects affecting the skin of patients undergoing cancer treatment.  
The conference, entitled “Let’s defend the skin” and organized by the association “Il corpo ritrovato” at the San Camillo Hospital, in Rome heard from Professor Maria Concetta Romano, Professor of Dermatological Special Therapies at the University Tor Vergata of Rome and President of “Il corpo ritrovato” who said:  "The skin problems are further suffering for those who are battling cancer. The new chemotherapeutic and biological drugs, used to attack the tumor proliferation, slow down the biological functions of the skin causing severe inflammation”.
The scientific association “Il corpo ritrovato” has long been active in the fight against skin problems of those affected by cancer (2.8 million people who have been diagnosed cancer are living today in Italy) and over 110,000 patients are subjected to #radiotherapy each year.
To better face this issue, the association has developed new guidelines for the management of the skin toxicity in cancer therapies. "The chances of surviving cancer is an achievement and a reality of our time” - stresses Professor Romano -. “New therapies, especially anti-Growth Factor (ANTI-EGFR) drugs, have reduced significantly the mortality but with some side effects. Their toxicity is expressed mainly on the skin, where the growth factor is highly expressed. The skin damage contributes to worsen the quality of life in oncological patients, and it could compromise the therapies’ success if they were discontinued because of side effects. The same also goes for #radiotherapy.#Radiodermatitis, in fact, is a kind of sunburn, but much more serious”.
An Italian study involving the use of underclothing made from medicated silk fibroin (#DermaSilk) was presented at the conference. The data demonstrated a net improvement of the skin pathology with 62% of the patients experiencing total remission of the disorder and a further 38% experiencing partial remission when using DermaSilk as an underlayer, next to the skin.
“The silk fibroin is soft and smooth, does not irritate the skin and lets it breathe,” said Professor Romano. “It also promotes the synthesis of collagen and accelerates tissue regeneration. For all these reasons, the silk fibroin can restore the proper balance of the skin, often broken by the anti-cancer treatments. Garments made of medical grade pure silk fibroin are already used with great success in the treatment of dermatitis and gynecological disorders such as thrush".

The new guidelines for the management of skin toxicity were presented at the conference. "This is an important tool in clinical management” - said Professor Romano – “which we hope will be expanded to benefit all Italian oncological patients. More than 80% of them, in fact, are concerned about maintaining their physical appearance and their social life. For these reasons, we’ve written “Let’s defend the skin”: a brief guide to answer the many questions of patients, with helpful and certified advice to handle skin damage, including the loss of hair and surgical scars". "The collaboration with oncologists is becoming strong - concludes Pucci Romano -. Only by working closely can the various specialists find solutions more appropriate and tailored to the specific needs of sick people."

2 new products added to DermaSilk line.

Espère Healthcare Ltd have added 2 new lines to their ever popular range of DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing. Both lines have been designed to meet unmet needs of patients and have been developed in response to patient feedback and requests.
Thigh-Length Undersocks

The DermaSilk heel-less, knee length undersocks have been a popular component of the product range for a number of years. Not only have they helped patients with gravitational eczema stop itch on their legs but they’ve also made the application and removal of compression hosiery so much easier. However there are a number of patients whose skin problems extend above the knee or where the positioning of a sock cuff near the knee was not tolerable.
The Thigh Length undersocks have been created for people who need the coverage of the full leg, either under compression or just ordinary tights. These undersocks offer the same protection as the knee-length socks but the cuff is now away from the knee. As with all DermaSilk garments these are guaranteed pure silk fibroin with a permanent antimicrobial treatment bonded to them.

They are made of a combination of pure silk yarn and elastic silk (the elastic component, Lycra does not come in contact with the skin). They have no heel cup and an invisible toe. They have a high soft cuff and are latex free.
One of the first patients to benefit from these socks has been Diane S, who has recently undergone a full knee replacement.

“For the first 6 weeks post op I’ve had to wear tight compression socks to prevent DVT. These have been uncomfortable to wear and difficult to put on and take off. I’d had some DermaSilk knee-length undersocks to help control the irritation of the DVT socks but they wouldn’t fit properly over my operated knee which was 50% bigger than my good knee. The Thigh length socks solved this problem for me. They took the cuff higher up my thigh, away from the incision and kept my legs cool and moisturised under my DVT socks. The socks have been easy to put on and remove and the silk has not irritated my knee when the dressings were removed. The top of the cuff did roll down a little once I started walking but I would imagine that they would stay in place under normal tights.”
Eczema Irritation can be a pain in the neck

One of the most difficult areas to treat eczema appears to be around the neck. Just like the face, the neck is often in constant view and many sufferers of redness and irritation comment that it is difficult to cover effectively. That got our scientists thinking and they came up with a trick from the fashion industry – The DermaSilk Ring Scarf!
The Ring Scarf is an innovative way of treating itchy, irritated skin around the neck. It is supplied as a loop, nearly a metre in circumference which can be looped around the neck until it fits.
This scarf can then be worn under shirts, blouses and dresses and is designed to look unobtrusive in everyday use.
It is made of a combination of pure silk yarn and elastic silk (the elastic component, Lycra does not come in contact with the skin) and it is an entirely knitted construction. The scarf is also latex free.

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If the use of DermaSilk is prolonged, it is recommended to buy at least two garments to use alternately. Like all natural fibre fabrics, DermaSilk needs to let its fibres rest. This allows longer life of the garments. The antimicrobial efficiency lasts for the entire lifetime of the garment, remaining completely active after every wash.