Resin to the rescue!

Welcome to our first Benji and Beau blog post!

We decided to have a little break and well earned rest last month by the sea. It felt so nice to be away, you could almost forget everything going on!

However, Beau slipped on the pier and hurt her paw. Luckily we always carry AniWipe Cleansing Wipes with us, perfect for these kinds of accidents. I could easily clean up the wound of any bacteria and dirt until we got back.

Once back, I was able to start applying Abilar Resin Wound Salve every day. The pictures speak for themselves. She stopped trying to lick it and instantly looked more comfortable and the wound is now almost completely healed.
Abilar is also effective against bacteria and various wound pathogens including MRSP so the wound not only healed quickly, it was also safe from infection.
I am also still using AniWipes after walks to make sure it stays nice and clean.

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