Is your Itch an Allergy or Eczema?

Studies have shown there is a very close link between allergies and eczema. In 45% of children, the onset of Atopic Eczema occurs during the first 6 months of life; during the first year 60% of these children are affected, and 85% are affected before the age of five (Pawankar R, et al, 2013), in addition, about 50% of children who have started the disease in the first weeks or months of life (early onset) will have developed allergen sensitization by the age of 2 years (Pawankar R, et al, 2013).

It’s rare for an allergic reaction to be life threatening, and in most children it usually presents as an intensely itchy skin rash. The constant scratching is not only traumatic in itself, but can lead to open wounds which then become infected while the intense itching at night keeps children awake, disturbing normal sleep, so the child wakes tired and irritable. 

Thanks to a number of clinical trials, we now know that DermaSilk clothing dramatically reduces redness, swelling and intense itching on the skin, which is why many dermatologists now prescribe DermaSilk for children with eczema. The medical grade silk fibres are smooth and hypoallergenic so they calm the itch. The special weave of the fabric allows the skin to ‘breathe’ and the silk absorbs any excess moisture, so it maintains the skin at the ideal temperature and humidity. 

No itching means no scratching and the permanently bonded antimicrobial in DermaSilk not only prevents secondary infections, but helps speed up the healing process. Eliminating the nocturnal itching means the child gets a good night’s rest so life can return to normal both for the patient and mum and dad. 

So if your child is one of the growing number that suffer with eczema or an allergy, there is an easy way to control the itching and redness. A DermaSilk body suit is ideal for babies. Tops, pants or even sleeves and leggings can be worn under normal clothes in older children, and wearing DermaSilk pyjamas mean they’ll get a good night’s sleep. 

There is further information on the website and you can purchase all DermaSilk garments on-line from The majority of the garments are also available on prescription for both adults and children.