Do you need a good night’s sleep?

Do you suffer from sleep deprivation? 
It is estimated that 1 in 3 people suffer from lack of sleep leading to tiredness, irritability and lack of concentration.
But did you know that it can also have a profound effect on your physical health? We cannot function successfully without sufficient time to de-stress, recover and recharge.
If you would like to boost your performance and health perhaps you should consider:

  • Improving your sleep habits - make changes to your sleep habits. Recent research has shown that an extra hour’s sleep a day leads to improved health
  • Keeping a diary - track your sleep and other behaviours for several days to make connections between your daily activities and your sleep quality
In order to get a better nights sleep, why not try some of the following:

  • Establish a bedtime routine - aim to go to bed before 11pm
  • Dim the lights before bed
  • Stop the use of electronics before bed - blue light can inhibit sleep
  • Choose airy, breathable sleepwear such as DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing
  • Avoid exercise within 2 hours of going to bed
  • Cut down on caffeine - The Sleep Charity recommend avoiding caffeine 8 hours before bed
  • Choose smooth, cool bedding such as DermaTherapy Bedding, to ensure you don't overheat
Temperature is quite often overlooked.  People find it difficult to go to sleep if they are overheated and also if they wake overheated, often then finding it hard to fall back to sleep again.

DermaTherapy  can help. It has a feel similar to that of silk and is cooling to the touch and has been shown in clinical studies to improve sleep quality - just as important as sleep quantity.

DermaTherapy Bedding

DermaTherapy bedding is expertly woven from advanced fabrics to provide a cleaner, drier and hypoallergenic sleeping experience. For the first time, real beauty sleep isn’t just a dream.
  • Has a durable antimicrobial permanently bonded on to the fabric to eliminate odours and maintain fabric freshness. It is also effective against infection control killing bacteria such as MRSA and Staph Aureus on contact
  • Is made from uniquely structured long filament fibres that dissipate heat and moisture away from the skin and reduces friction with the skin, minimising irritation and providing he best sleep environment for tender skin
  • No transfer of fibres and lint to open wounds and no loss of fibres means no risk of airborne particles
  • Soil release mechanism to avoid staining from the use of lotions
  • Only bedding to receive FDA Approval for use with sensitive skin conditions and carries Class I Medical Device status

Designed for those suffering from skin conditions, undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy or suffering from night sweats and night terrors.

For further information or to order DermaTherapy Bedding please visit or call Jo at Espère Healthcare on 01462 346100.