5 tips to help with your hand eczema

The global pandemic gripping us is an unprecedented event. Something that none of us have ever experienced before. The current advice is to WASH YOUR HANDS. What ever you read about the COVID-19 virus, the same advice will always crop up. So what do you do if constant hand washing is aggravating your already painful hand eczema which is affecting your quality of life?

Below we have 5 tips that will hopefully help bring you some relief.

  1. EMOLLIENT - It's important to keep up your emollient regime and essential to apply after every hand wash. Try to keep some by your hand wash to help you remember. You can also use an emollient soap substitute to wash your hands just as effectively as normal soap. If you are using hand sanitisers, make sure to always apply emollient after as alcohol dries out the skin. You might also want to check out Alhydran Cream which penetrates deeply into the skin and restores from within. High-quality ingredients, such as fresh Aloe Vera gel, ensure long-lasting moisture regulation and skin hydration. The proven composition of Alhydran helps combat pain, itching, redness and tightness. It's effectiveness is scientifically proven and it is widely used in burn centres and hospitals for it’s deep moisturisation properties. Read a case study here.
  2. NOT TOO HOT - When you are washing your hands, make sure the water is lukewarm and not too hot. Hot water is very good at sapping the moisture from your skin. This also applies to showers/baths.
  3. DRYING - Try not to give your hands a quick rub after washing as this can contribute in the break down of your already very fragile skin. Instead, pat dry your hands which is much gentler and will also help to retain moisture when you apply emollient.
  4. TRIGGERS - This may be easier said than done at the moment but try and find out what triggers your eczema and avoid it. Your hands are constantly in use and are coming into contact with everything around you so this can be difficult. If your eczema is triggered by constant wet hands whether that is due to your job or the usual everyday washing, hopefully these tips will help, including:
  5. GLOVES - A lot of people use gloves to protect their skin, especially those whose job requires your hands to be exposed to chemicals, cleaning products and frequent hand washing. They are also great for protecting your hands whilst just doing the washing up. But what about a pair of gloves that can help to soothe and calm the irritated skin? Read on below about how our DermaSilk gloves can help:

DermaSilk is made from knitted sericin-free silk. This ensures that it is hypo-allergenic and the knit of the fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it. It also has a greater ability to absorb and disperse moisture than cotton, making it a natural candidate for an atopic friendly fabric. Finally, the incorporation of an ‘antimicrobial shield’ permanently bonded to the fabric protects the silk from antimicrobial attack.
By simply adding DermaSilk to your eczema management you will have less inflamed skin, reduced itch and overall will feel more comfortable in turn leading to a better quality of life. They can also be worn underneath your working/washing up gloves allowing you to continue daily life whilst proctecting your skin.
DermaSilk also carries Class 1 Medical Device status and is available on prescription.

Available as adult gloves or fingerless gloves and children's gloves or fingerless gloves.
Should you choose to invest in 2 or 3 pairs of gloves to maintain best usage and longevity then you will find a discount of 5% applied to the price of 2 and 20% applied to a purchase of 3 or more. Simply add the quantity you would like to the shopping cart!

Don't just take our word for it, check out the testimonial below: