Alleviating the Symptoms of Chemo and Radiotherapy Treatment

Modern treatments for treating cancer are becoming more and more effective but many of them still carry side effects which can reduce a patient's quality of life.

Sometimes the level of side effects can become so intolerable that the only course of action is to postpone or discontinue doses of chemo and radio therapy which obviously is not ideal. The aim of any treatment regime must be to allow the prescribed treatment to complete in the most appropriate time with the most appropriate doses.
Radiotherapy treatment can induce "burns" on the surface of the skin where the dose is administered. This can happen immediately upon commencement of treatment or can happen up to several months after radiotherapy has been discontinued.
Similarly, certain chemotherapeutic drugs can cause the patient to develop skin problems which may vary from acne-like spots to generalised lesions across the whole body. One of the worst side effects causes the palms of the hands and soles of feet to become red, inflamed and blistered. Hands can lose sensation, making it difficult to hold objects or even fasten buttons.

For over a decade we’ve been supplying the NHS with supportive products to help patients manage some of the side effects associated with cancer therapy. Whether it be skin irritation associated with radiation, hand-foot syndrome associated with some chemotherapy drugs or difficulty in sleeping due to night sweats, we’re here to help.
If you suffer from a long term medical condition you may be eligible to purchase DermaSilk Clothing and DermaTherapy Bedding VAT Exempt saving 20% from the website prices.

Alhydran Cream

Recommended by burns centres and hospitals across Europe for treating radiation burns and surgery scars, Alhydran forms a protective layer on top of healing skin, shielding the newly formed outermost skin layer and encouraging it to heal faster. The moisturising ingredients and high concentration of Aloe Vera penetrate deep into the skin to restore suppleness, reducing tightness and itching during the healing process.

DermaTherapy Bedding

Many people affected by cancer can have difficulty sleeping. DermaTherapy smart technology bedding has been proven in clinical trials to offer relief from itch, hot flushes and night sweats by reducing dampness and clamminess, resulting in a better night’s sleep, allowing your body the rest needed for recuperation.
The expertly woven fabric provides a super smooth, clean, dry and hypoallergenic sleeping experience. It is also prevents dust-mites and the presence of a bonded antimicrobial reduces the opportunity for bacteria to grow and spread.

DermaSilk Clothing

Soreness is commonly associated when fragile skin has become exposed to radiation. DermaSilk is a range of super-soft therapeutic underclothing made from specialist silk clinically proven to help calm sensitive skin of those undergoing cancer treatments. The long, smooth cylindrical fibroin silk threads of DermaSilk are protected with an antimicrobial to keep the fabric fresh whilst reducing the build-up of bacteria. The majority of these garments are also available to be prescribed. There are a number of garments in the range from tops, leggings and briefs to socks, gloves and wig liners.

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