3 top tips for teaching your child to manage eczema at school


In the early years of your child’s life, it’s likely you’ll know about eczema flare-ups as they develop, but when they get to an age where you’re less involved in helping them bathe or get changed you’ll have less awareness of how eczema is affecting them. Around the age of 4 or 5, it’s important to encourage your child to learn how to identify their eczema flare-ups and begin to teach them about the treatments and how to apply moisturisers. By the time your child is 8 or 9, they should be able to recognise when their eczema needs attention and be able to apply, or ask you to apply, emollient at an early stage.  They should be able to be a little more proactive in treating their own skin, including taking moisturiser into school if needed. If they know a particular activity is likely to aggravate their skin they can begin to help themselves.  


Top tips for managing eczema at school:

1.      Awareness

Start with discussing your child’s eczema treatment plan and any triggers with the school as early as possible. A teacher who is familiar with your child’s needs can help with the practical aspects of the condition as well as any social or emotional issues that may arise in the classroom.

2.      School eczema kit

You can make handling eczema at school easier by putting together a kit with everything, your child may need during the school day. Keep a school pack to hand containing:

  •        Moisturising cream/ointment
  •         Alcohol-free soap and sanitiser
  •         Antibiotics
  •         Bandages
  •         Gloves/protective clothing
  •         A list of medication and triggers

3.      Uniforms 

Clothing made from irritating fabrics such as wool can exacerbate the itching associated with eczema. Wearing base layers of soothing, non-irritating fabrics such as sericin-free silk such as DermaSilk. DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is clinically proven to calm sensitive skin in adults and children. The smooth fabric is ideal for eczema sufferers and the bonded antimicrobial reduces bacterial contamination, keeping the fabric clean and fresh – perfect for soothing and preventing flare-ups.


To learn more about how DermaSilk can help with eczema visit our website.