How can DermaSilk help me?

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing is not just for eczema. The protective properties of DermaSilk have been demonstrated in a number of sensitive skin conditions that include the following:

Atopic Eczema

DermaSilk is made from knitted sericin-free silk. This ensures that it is hypo-allergenic and the knit of the fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it. It also has a greater ability to absorb and disperse moisture than cotton, making it a natural candidate for an atopic friendly fabric. Finally, the incorporation of an ‘antimicrobial shield’ permanently bonded to the fabric protects the silk from antimicrobial attack.

Lower Leg Conditions

DermaSilk is useful in a wide variety of lower limb conditions such as gravitational eczema, diabetic neuropathy and thin skin due to old age. Specially designed to be worn close to the skin, DermaSilk helps to prevent overheating and drying out of delicate skin around the ankles and lower leg, while also maintaining a stable environment for the legs, keeping irritated skin calm and under control.

DermaSilk Knee-Length Undersocks are used as a liner under compression hosiery to protect the skin from the damaging effects of latex. Their smooth silky outer surface also assists in the application and removal of compression hosiery, reducing the risk of accidental damage to the skin.

Athlete’s Foot

The bonded antimicrobial in all styles of socks protects against both bacterial and fungal infection such as Athlete’s Foot.


DermaSilk 70cm Graduated Tubular Sleeves have been specifically developed for those with larger limbs, including lymphoedema patients. The tubes stretch to variable degrees along their length to ease the irritation on the limb with discomfort or added compression.

Contact Dermatitis

The hands and feet are a major problem in contact dermatitis and whilst it is not always possible to fully remove the source of the irritation the use of DermaSilk gloves and socks can have a major positive impact on its management. DermaSilk gloves have no seams and are long enough to cover the wrist area. They are made with the DermaSilk on the inside protected with a wicking material called Coolmax® knitted onto the outside giving the gloves additional durability and can be worn either on their own or under other protective gloves to help calm the symptoms. The socks act as a base layer to calm and control irritated skin on the feet.

Jock Itch (tinea cruris)

The silk fabric allows the skin to breathe, reducing moisture and temperature traps that encourage the growth of yeasts and fungi. In addition, the Microbe Shield finish deters the growth of both bacterial and fungal contaminants.

Women’s Health

DermaSilk Intimo is particularly useful in managing a range of common health conditions that can severely disrupt women’s lives, often causing physical (and emotional) upset, irritation and pain, these include Thrush, Lichen Sclerosus, Vulvodynia, Bacterial Vaginosis, Herpes, Genital Warts (HPV), menopausal symptoms and other women’s health issues.

·        The knitted, sericin-free silk that DermaSilk is composed of is naturally soft and comfortable, ideal for calming irritation in sensitive areas

·        DermaSilk helps to regulate temperature, staying cool in warm areas, helping to maintain healthy levels of pH and humidity in your most delicate area

·        The bonded antimicrobial in DermaSilk helps control bacterial and fungal overgrowth without altering the natural levels of bacteria normally present on healthy skin, maintaining the natural freshness of the genital area

The range is proven in clinical trials to significantly reduce the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus and Recurrent Candidosis (Thrush) and to reduce the frequency of candida recurrences.

Menopausal Symptoms

DermaSilk clothing can offer a positive benefit for women going through menopause. Firstly, the silk can help reduce the irritation associated with dry skin and will help to maintain healthy skin – much the same as it does in eczema.

Secondly, DermaSilk worn at night can help reduce the adverse effects of night sweats since the silk fabric can absorb up to 1/3rd of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp. This moisture becomes locked away in the core of the silk, so the skin stays drier for longer, reducing the likelihood of waking during the night because of damp clothing.

Thirdly, the briefs are helpful in calming Vaginal Atrophy which affects many women, most often following menopause. (thinning, drying and inflammation)

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

These treatments can lead to side effects on the surface of the skin. DermaSilk has been shown to help with a wide range of side effects associated with these treatments:

·        Reduce the risk of further damage to the skin following treatment due to the smooth, friction-free silk that composes DermaSilk garments.

·        The permanently bonded antimicrobial in DermaSilk reduces the risk of infection and protects the skin, reducing the inflammatory process and accelerating tissue regeneration.

·        Significantly improve skin integrity (as measured by trans-epidermal water loss) 

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