How can DermaTherapy help me?

DermaTherapy Bedding can help provide a better night’s sleep and improve quality of life for those suffering from a wide range of conditions that include the following:


People who suffer from dermatitis and eczema also frequently suffer from poor sleep. DermaTherapy’s antimicrobial, micro-fibre sheets reduce bacteria and wick away excessive heat and moisture. In addition, DermaTherapy fabrics are woven from a strong, continuous-filament yarn that creates a consistently smooth, silk-like surface. Friction with the skin is reduced, minimising irritation, resulting in a superior quality of sleep.


DermaTherapy bedding is clinically proven to facilitate the treatment of acne and help to prevent it. It promotes a sanitary environment while sleeping with an antimicrobial finish that maintains a clean, dry, fresh microclimate, essential for healing and maintaining healthy skin. The special coating on the fabric kills bacteria on contact and as it is bonded to the fabric it does not transfer onto your skin but it does help prevent the build-up of bacteria such as p.Acnes which has been linked to inflammation on the skin of acne sufferers.

The DermaTherapy pillowcase uses the same silk-like, moisture-wicking technology as our DermaTherapy sheets for a smooth, lint-free sleeping surface. This is important as irritation of the skin has been linked to worsening acne.

Treat acne in your sleep.

 Night Sweats

Night sweats brought on by conditions such as menopause, Parkinson’s Disease and certain forms of cancer therapy can make sheets damp, clammy, and uncomfortable. Clinical trials show that DermaTherapy smart technology bedding offers relief from hot flushes and night sweats by reducing dampness and clamminess, resulting in a better night's sleep. DermaTherapy's cooling sheets also boast a less-abrasive sleeping surface, keeping skin clear from irritations brought on by friction with protruding fibres and damp sleeping conditions.

Users report that they are woken less often in the night and in extreme cases the need to change bed linen during the night is significantly reduced.

 Night Terrors

Night terrors are a common sleep problem among children that typically occur during the first few hours of sleep. Although most common between the ages of 2 and 6 years, they can occur at almost any age and as a parent they can be incredibly distressing to watch.

There are many factors that can contribute towards a night terror, one of which is overheating. Sleeping on DermaTherapy Bedding can help your little one keep cool, thus reducing the chance of a night terror occurring and leaving them feeling refreshed and ready for the next day ahead.

 Pressure Sores

Pressure sores, sometimes known as bedsores are areas of damaged skin tissue which can cause severe infections. While pressure on the skin contributes to the formation of bedsores, other common factors that can damage the skin include friction, shear, moisture, and heat.

Cotton fabrics are made with millions of short-staple fibres that protrude from the surface of the sheet. These tiny threads are abrasive and can cause skin irritation. DermaTherapy fabrics are woven from a continuous-filament yarn that creates a consistently smooth, silk-like surface. Shear injuries and skin abrasiveness is virtually eliminated by DermaTherapy.

Traditional cotton linen absorbs and retains moisture, inhibiting evaporation which maintains a damp environment harmful to skin. DermaTherapy fabrics are woven of fibres with unique cross sections that create micro-channels to wick moisture away from skin. Facilitating increased evaporation which leads to a decrease in temperature and improved mobility without sticking to the sheet.


Rapid recuperation from vigorous activities is critical in maintaining an athlete’s peak performance. Along with sound nutrition, it is during sleep that the body releases powerful growth hormones which are responsible for muscle repair and growth. Research shows that sleeping better and longer leads to improvements in athletic performance, including faster performance times, better endurance, lower heart rate, and even improved mood and higher levels of energy during a workout.

It is proven that during a workout the body can typically get as hot as 40 degrees, causing the body to trigger its sweat mechanism to dissipate the excess heat. For serious athletes, especially those who work out towards the end of the day, the sweating can persist until well after bedtime. DermaTherapy has been used with elite athletes to reduce any sleep disturbance caused by night time heat loss, giving them the competitive edge.

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