How does DermaTherapy work?


DermaTherapy is the only patented and FDA-cleared bedding available for those who live with menopause, pressure sores, and various skin conditions that hinder the ability to get a good night’s rest. The synthetic fabric is woven from fibres with unique cross-sections that create micro-channels to wick heat and moisture away from the skin, ideal for those suffering with eczema, acne, night sweats and pressure sores.

“I love the feel of the fabric, it’s really soft and silky and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve slept better in the heat. I’ve hardly woken up during the night because of the heat since using the sheets which is great!”

How does DermaTherapy work?

Stays freshers for longer

DermaTherapy is protected by an antimicrobial shield which is effective in reducing bacteria on its surfaces to keep the fabric fresh and clean. In addition, DermaTherapy fabrics have a “soil release” finish to help remove grease and stains when washed.

Helps to control temperature

DermaTherapy fabrics are cool to the touch and, through the use of unique micro-fibres, keep you from getting too cold or too hot.

Keeps you drier throughout the night

These micro-fibres disperse moisture evenly through the fabric, allowing it to evaporate quickly, leaving you feeling cool and dry.

Is more comfortable

DermaTherapy fabrics are woven from a strong, continuous-filament yarn that creates a consistently smooth, silk-like surface. Friction with the skin is reduced, minimising irritation.

FDA Approved, Class I Medical Device

DermaTherapy has been extensively tested in American hospitals, some of the most demanding environments in the world. One study concluded that 80% of participants had a better night’s sleep, 100% of participants found that it had the ability to keep them cool, over 90% found they had reduced sweating.

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