Caring for your DermaSilk briefs


  • Use DermaSilk in conjunction with current medication.

  • DermaSilk is designed to be lightweight and body forming. It needs to be close fitting and in contact with the skin at all times to be fully effective. Ensure continued use of DermaSilk both day and night.

  • As with all natural fibres, DermaSilk will last longer if 2 or more garments are rotated in use rather than a single garment being washed and worn continuously.

Washing instructions:

In areas with hard water the softness of DermaSilk can be restored by soaking DermaSilk overnight in a solution of 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda per litre of water. Then wash as above.

DermaSilk can be machine washed in a net bag, or a pillowcase on a cool, delicate cycle using your everyday washing detergent (as long as the instructions do not say ‘do not use with silk’).
Alternatively, the garments can be hand-washed, even a mild children’s shampoo would be fine to wash them in.
Do not bleach DermaSilk clothing it will damage the structure of the fabric.
Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners as they block the effect of the antimicrobial. Adding white vinegar to the conditioner partition in the washing machine can help.

After washing, rinse and then place the garments flat on a towel to dry.
Leave garments to dry on a flat surface. Do not dry over direct heat or tumble dry your DermaSilk garments.
If necessary, iron down the length of the garment with a cool steam iron.


Watch our demonstration videos below: 

Machine Washing of DermaSilk

             How to Hand Wash DermaSilk            Bicarbonate soaking to soften DermaSilk

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