Tips For Your C-section Recovery

Becoming a mum can be one of the most wonderful, beautiful and awe-inspiring moments. A moment that fills you with unimaginable joy and love.

But it can also be overwhelming, painful and not at all what you expect. Especially if your birth plan flew straight out the window! However, no matter how you give birth, recovery time for your superhuman body is essential both mentally and physically.

Our bodies are incredible. They have just spent 40 weeks (ish!) creating a life and then experienced the trauma of giving birth. So it’s only natural that a C-section takes its toll on our already exhausted bodies.

Take pain relief! – don’t be afraid to accept pain relief. The more you can help ease the pain, the more chance you give your body at recovery. Not only this, looking after your new tiny human will be that tiny bit easier. You may not feel the need at first but once the anaesthesia wears off, you’ll be grateful for it!

Don’t overdo it – easier said then done right? Especially when you see the mountain of cleaning pilling up and your milk starts to come in, reacting to those tiny newborn screams. But do try. Even if it means abandoning everything else but baby and asking any visitors to help with cleaning (payment in squishy baby cuddles!)

Keep everything downstairs – if you live in a house with more than one storey, try to have a cot/moses basket downstairs along with nappies, wipes etc. Anything you might need to save you climbing the stairs multiple times a day

Eat and drink plenty – keep your energy up and give your body the best chance by eating healthily and drinking plenty. This is especially important if you are breastfeeding too to help replenish the vital fluids and vitamins lost providing food for your baby. Post-natal supplements are also a good idea

Infection – watch out for any signs of infection. Fever and redness/oozing of the wound. Call your GP if you’re worried!


Scarring is another added worry that new mums face. Scars can be raised, itchy, red and painful.

Have you considered Scarban Silicone treatment?

Recommended by specialists and clinically proven, Scarban reduces the above symptoms on both old and new C-section scars. Faster recovery will make your scar:

·         Flatter – less elevated/thickened

·         More flexible – less painful, with less skin tension

·         Less red – less visible

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, Scarban feels extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, they are washable and last for a long time without losing adhesion!

💜 Elastic and self-adhesive
💜 Washable
💜 UV protection (UPF 50)
💜 For all skin types
💜 Durable in use
💜 Safe and easy to use

Early application of Scarban C-Section supports fast recovery of the scar and helps prevent abnormal (hypertrophic or keloid) scarring.

If you would like to find out more or to place an order, please visit our website below!