Are you in need of a Mummy MOT?

Even though it is a ‘routine’ procedure, caesarean section is still major surgery with risks, and we should treat it as such in terms of recovery. However, many feel on their own after being discharged from the hospital. Since the pandemic hit, the number of check-ups has been reduced leaving women feeling anxious and unsure what is ‘normal’ regarding their healing. Polls suggest that many feel a lack of support and a sense of ‘abandonment’ once the surgery is over. Considering around 1 in 4 women will have a C-section, there are a lot of amazing new mama's, just like you, feeling the same!

As a result, many women are now turning to scar and physiotherapy specialists to help aid rehabilitation for both vaginal and caesarean deliveries. Mummy MOT is a recommended and professionally run post-natal check-up that assesses your pelvic floor, tummy gap, pelvic alignment and any other worries you may have, no matter how distressing or embarrassing. They will then provide you with a treatment tailored to you and guidance on how to exercise and recover safely.

It’s not surprising then, that this has become a fast-growing and very popular treatment for new mums!

If you would like more information regarding a Mummy MOT, Hannah Poulton BSc (Hons) AACP at HLP Therapy would be only too happy to discuss any worries you have. And as a trained scar therapist, she can also support you with your C-section scar.

If you have given birth by caesarean section, the resulting abdominal wound will leave a scar after it heals. However, a C-section requires many layers of tissue, fat and muscle to be cut in order to reach the uterus and all these layers require healing too.

After an operation, your body does everything it can to repair the damaged skin as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, damaged skin loses much more moisture than healthy skin.

Meanwhile, your body reacts to this moisture loss with a ‘panic’ reaction. It creates more connective tissue to strengthen the damaged skin. In other words, it creates a scar. In many cases the scar may be clearly visible, red and thickened (i.e. hypertrophic or keloid).

Have you considered Scarban C-Section silicone scar therapy?

Recommended by specialists and clinically proven, Scarban reduces the above symptoms on both old and new C-section scars. Faster recovery will make your scar:

·         Flatter – less elevated/thickened

·         More flexible – less painful, with less skin tension

·         Less red – less visible

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, Scarban feels extremely soft and comfortable. Plus, it is washable and lasts for a long time without losing adhesion!

Early application of Scarban C-Section supports fast recovery of the scar and helps prevent abnormal scarring.

Did you know we have other products to help continue your scar therapy treatment?

Alhydran is a powerful moisture regulating cream that penetrates deep into the skin and improves the skin from within. It also contains high-quality ingredients such as fresh Aloe Vera gel to offer lasting skin hydration.

This makes Alhydran the perfect cream for alleviating the symptoms of your C-section scar. Alhydran helps the scar to fade, reduces itching and redness, and can make the scar feel less tight.

Alhydran’s ability to moisturise the skin effectively and for long periods is proven. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a number of clinical studies and is widely used in scar therapy and burns units across the country.

Also available with SPF30.

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